Aluvision wins Best Use of Technology in 2024 PMA Awards

As an innovative developer and worldwide supplier of high-quality modular systems for the exhibit and event industry, it should be no surprise that Aluvision took home an award in this year’s Portable Modular Awards put on by exhibit industry-renowned publication, Exhibitor Group.

Aluvision won the 2024 Best Use of Technology Award for our EuroShop 2023 exhibit which used Aluvision’s Omni-55 Pro frames and Hi-LED 55 tiles, and our Flexbox and Flexdeck solutions.

The 40x60 ft. island booth was thoughtfully designed to create an immersive event experience through our proprietary LED products that would also demonstrate the products’ varied capabilities and features.

Aluvision’s LED Tunnel and LED Floor, placed on outer edges of the exhibit, drew in attendees as gateways to the immersive content. Likewise, our LED Diamond on a main-aisle corner caught attention with its 3D-content that seemed to jump out at passing attendees.

In the middle of the booth, our LED Cylinder acted as a central beacon calling attendees into the exhibit, and various LED stacked cubes and counters were positioned within to showcase how even smaller LED solutions can add dynamism and depth to an event space.

The fully customizable Flexdeck and Flexbox in the back of the booth each incorporated our LED tiles to encourage attendees to walk through the entire space while adding dynamic messaging display to the booth.


Across all the Hi-LED 55 products and solutions, which were a mix of Aluvision’s indoor 2.8mm and 2.5mm tiles, as well as our 3.9mm outdoor tiles, all video content was synced to create a cohesive, seamless visual effect. 

This booth was also named a Finalist for the 2024 Portable Modular Awards in the Best Reconfigurable Exhibit category. It was adapted and reused for ExhibitorLIVE 2023 and repurposed a second time as a permanent installation for Aluvision’s Duluth, GA showroom.