Poly-55 bright

The profile is only 55 mm deep, so it fits perfectly between other 55 mm frames, such as the Omni-55 frames. Like its big brother, the Poly-124 bright+, the Poly-55 bright is equipped with a beveled edge at the front to prevent shadow edges. At the back of the frame, a panel of LED lights is attached, providing nice, even illumination. For the cladding with fixed panels of Aluvision frames, panels with a thickness of 3mm are preferably used, such as our Aluvibond panels. These aluminium composite panels are available as standard in white and black with a gloss level of 40% (matt). Aluvibond can be delivered cut to size. Maximum panel size = 1.5*3m. 

Fabric specifications: 
  • Deco light (5m) UV printed /m²  (Translucent)
  • Opaque (3m) UV printed /m²  (Block-out) 

1.15 kg/m 
55x31 mm