Rental network

Why rental?

Rental is booming… Being able to rent modular systems and LED tiles
is the ideal short term solution to optimize your investments.

Aluvision aims at giving you total peace of mind and wants to support you to the maximum. Therefore we have
further expanded our network of official rental partners in the recent months.

Discover our official Aluvision rental partners here and feel free to contact
these partners for advice on their different rental possibilities.


Aluvision modular systems

Staarten 10a
5281 PL Boxtel
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)85 782 8588


Aluvision modular systems

Zapadores 2 Pol. Ind. San Fernando
de Henares — 28830, Madrid

T: +34 (0)932 233 175

TOP Events Schweiz AG

Aluvision modular systems

Industriestrasse 20
3422 Rüdtligen-Alchenflüh

T: +41 (0)31 330 10 90


Aluvision modular systems + Hi-LED

An der Spielleite 5
97294 Unterpleichfeld

T: +49 (0)9367 98 77 95 0

Our rental partners

Rental benefits

Select your preferred Aluvision rental partner and discover the rental benefits:

Aluvision product range
Get to know the ins and outs of the Aluvision products and create immersive experiences.

Cost optimization
Optimize costs by renting high quality modular systems and LED solutions.

Short & long term rental solutions
Choose for short or long term rental solutions according to your specific needs.

Service level
Aluvision rental partners have been carefully selected in order to meet the service you require.

Get the most out of your partnership with Aluvision!

Become an official Aluvision
rental partner?

Are you interested in becoming a rental partner yourself and do you want
to know the opportunities Aluvision can offer you?
Please contact us at