The X-corner is a structural corner profile that allows a very easy four-way connection between frames. All four sides are fitted with an integrated M6 threaded edge, allowing quick and easy connection of frames at any height of the profile. Corner profiles can be easily combined with any 55 mm profile.

1,55 kg/m
62,5x62,5 mm

Ref. n° 11 491 A


Quick tightener LS M6/D30 x 80 quickfix A
Ref. n° 51 18 0081 A
Quick tightener LS M6/D30 x 80 quickfix A
Quick tightener LS M6/D30 x 80 quickfix A
Ref. n° 51 18 0081 A
Velcro hook 10 mm
Velcro hook 10 mm
Preferably taped on frame.

Width: 10 mm
Full roll: 25 m

Ref. n° 66 01 2510 G
Aluvibond is a high quality 3 mm composite panel with an aluminum surface both front and back. The panel is available in white and black and cut to size by Aluvision. The thickness of the aluminum layer is such that the panel can be bent.

Colors: Black (+/- RAL9005) and white (+/- RAL9016)
Panel thickness: 3 mm
Max panel size: 1500 x 3000 mm
Gloss: 40% (both sides)
Finish: 2x0,2 mm aluminium

Ref. n° 67 02 0030 B/W