Step flooring system

The raised Step floor system consists of a simple combination of fixed frames and corner and edge modules. The standard grid is 1x1 metre, but other dimensions are also possible. Thanks to the support surface on both sides of the T-shaped Step profile, you only need half as many frames as the required floor area suggests. The modules are adjustable in height from 100 to 130 mm, and have a free passage under the floor of maximum 60 mm. The recommended infill material is plywood panels 22 mm thick, which can be finished as desired, or serve as a substrate for carpet. Due to the specific design of the aluminium profile, the Step frames are very easy and compact to stack. Thanks to the threaded slot at the bottom of the extrusion, it is also possible to mount LED modules under the floor for indirect lighting. 

Because the system is assembled from an aluminium extrusion profile, the dimensions are very flexible and the frames are extremely light and easy to handle. However, the low self-weight does not prevent this floor from withstanding quite some load. In the basic version, the floor can easily handle 500 kg/m². For those who want to go up to 1000 kg/m², there is also the Step-UP reinforcement profile that can be laid diagonally in the frame to accommodate a higher pressure load.