Let's imagineer

Let's imagineer

À propos Aluvision

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Eleanor Roosevelt

Aluvision est le leader mondial dans le développement, la fabrication et la distribution de solutions innovatrices pour les environnements intérieurs et extérieurs et les événements. Elle combine l’imagination audacieuse avec une expertise inégalée en matière d'ingénierie et de fabrication.
Grâce à nos sites de production en Europe et aux Etats-Unis, la distribution et l’assistance mondiale sont nos principaux atouts. Notre approche innovante garantit que toutes nos solutions pour l’intérieur comme pour l’extérieur combinent parfaitement l'élégance et l'efficacité, ainsi que la rentabilité et la durabilité.

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Notre vision

Keep it simple. La conception intelligente est poussée par la simplicité. La force de notre solutions modulaires réside dans l’installation intuitive et rapide. Plug & play !

Be a trendsetter. Dans l’environnement évolutif, la conception de nouveaux produits est un des facteurs clés de succès. Aluvision garde toujours une longueur d’avance.

Invest in the future. Afin de garantir une croissance continue, des investissements sont nécessaires. Aluvision se concentre sur l’avenir en utilisant des techniques de pointe et en encourageant le talent ainsi que l’esprit d’équipe.

Think global. La globalisation est incontournable. Aluvision représente cette tendance par un réseau mondial de service et de distribution, et par des sites de production en Europe et aux Etats-Unis et des partenaires de location expérimentés.

Charte de développement durable

Télécharger notre charte de développement durable.

Nous nous efforçons en permanence d’obtenir un rendement maximal avec un minimum d’efforts. Nos systèmes de cadres sont faciles à construire (aucun outil nécessaire !) et garantissent un retour sur investissement élevé.
Avec la recherche et le développement au coeur de notre entreprise, nous visons à concevoir des produits intelligents avec un design sobre, tout en recherchant continuellement de nouvelles technologies.
De la production au service client — nous nous efforçons toujours d’offrir une qualité exceptionnelle. Notre souci du détail et nos contrôles de qualité internes nous permettent de tenir nos promesses.
Notre design modulaire offre une infinité de combinaisons et de possibilités créatives avec un large éventail de matériaux et de produits réutilisables.
Nous limitons notre impact sur l’environnement en produisant des produits légers réutilisables et recyclables ayant une longue durée de vie. En outre, notre usine de production fonctionne principalement à l’énergie solaire et nous avons notre propre programme de gestion des déchets.


Les clients racontent leur expérience

Bert Decock, CEO
Givapxl (BE)
Michael Blatzheim, CEO
Dugfem Event&Messebau (DE)
René Verbruggen, CEO
Bridge Event Facilities (NL)
Harry Körber, CEO
Dugfem (DE)
Andy Devos, CEO
GI Van Aalst (BE)
Tjeerd van de kimmenade-b.jpg
"In 2008, Cialona Expo was in search of an alternative for the wooden walls we used for our stands. This search resulted from event sites imposing more and stricter restrictions on sanding, spraying and painting walls on-site. On top of that, we were also looking for a more durable, cleaner, faster and more efficient system to create our stands. Eventually, our path crossed Aluvision’s, simply because they fulfil all conditions. As a result, Aluvision has become an inherent part of Cialona and is used in pretty much every stand (especially the basis). This also extends to Aluvision specials such as frames for fabric, led tiles, round shapes and lighting. This all with full satisfaction. Besides our positive experience with the product, we also like to contribute to the development and improvement of Aluvision’s products. This is appreciated greatly. Consequently we establish a win-win situation, which is always pleasant!
Tjeerd van de Kimmenade, CEO
Cialona Expo (NL)
Mark Lamont-b.jpg
"As a custom exhibition design and build company, we have for some time wanted to enhance our services by moving into the modular build market. Having researched modular systems we were convinced Aluvision provided the best system to achieve this. Our diversification was driven by our clients, who repeatedly challenged us to find a retail quality stand that custom builds couldn’t provide, due to short lead times. Our decision to partner with Aluvision has proven to be a good one. The product, the support levels and the design possibilities provided by this dynamic company has been excellent. The creative possibilities seem endless. The finished stand is always up to retail standards, irrespective of the quality of tradesman used. The support training offered to our site teams is truly first class. We have successfully completed 15 stand builds in our first 6 months, all at improved margins. The ongoing product development, leaves me in no doubt that we have partnered with Aluvision for the long term and we are excited about our future partnership. I can personally recommend this company to the UK exhibition and event industry.
Mark Lamont, Managing Director
DMN Designbuild (UK)
Gavin Kain_Guardianexhibition&display.jpg
"We first heard about Aluvision from the amazing and award winning exhibition stand build they completed at Euroshop 2017. In April 2017, Anthony & I visited the Aluvision headquarters in Deinze, Belgium. We were greeted with a warm welcome and spent the afternoon looking around the impressive factory, culminating in an extremely inspiring walk-through of the extensive show room that Aluvision has constructed. After a very enjoyable meal in nearby Ghent, we left for England the next day full of ideas and inspiration. Guardian Exhibition & Display placed their first order with Aluvision in August 2017; the communication and support from Aluvision during the process was first class and allowed us to deliver a perfect exhibition stand to our client at DSEI in September 2017. Our client was blown away by the quality of the 4m high seamless lightbox with integrated 55inch TV screen and the finish quality of the walling and counter. We have since gone on to develop our own show stand using Aluvision at our facility in Essex. The modularity and reusability of the Aluvision system, supported with their high levels of customer service, is the perfect mix for us at Guardian Exhibition & Display and we would not hesitate in recommending them within the industry."
Gavin Kain, CEO
Guardian Exhibition & Display (UK)
Smart AV. Darren Poultney, CEO.-b.jpg
“Our partnership with Aluvision has exceeded our expectations in every respect. We “picked” Aluvision as our suppliers not only because of their integrity and reputation as leading designers and innovators within the industry, but also because of their infectious company outlook. We didn’t make the decision to buy from Aluvision on a whim. We spent time at their offices in Belgium and across Europe and really got to know the brand, the product and the staff. We saw first-hand the dedication to offering an incredible service and the inspirational company ethos that existed at every level. They also spent time forging a strong relationship with us, attending our staff events and getting to know our company outlook and approach – something they were passionate about understanding from day one. They genuinely care about delivery, sustainability, service and customer experience, all factors that are also a high priority for us as a company. Aluvision is a dedicated team of knowledgeable and passionate people who invested their time and energies in us. They are everything a company in this industry should be and we are extremely proud to partner with them. ”
Darren Poultney, CEO
Smart AV (UK)


Teamwork makes the dream work

John C. Maxwell