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As a producer of modular systems and LED tiles, we offer a wide range of solutions. Creativity, ease of use and high quality standards are the foundation of our product design. We support our partners around the world through our production sites in Europe and the US.

Sustainability, reusability and innovation form the basis of our product range. All products are modular, making them endlessly combinable into new projects.

We embrace sustainability.

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01 Engineered to last
The combination of thoughtful development with timeless design results in ecological products with a long lifespan. Our modular stand building system in aluminum can be reused endlessly, ensuring a high ROI for your investment. R&D as the beating heart of Aluvision guarantees continuous innovation and development. Trends are picked up and implemented to result in timeless design.
02 Endlessly recyclable
We choose 100% recyclable and sustainable raw materials. Aluminum is not only strong but also very light. (one-third the weight of steel). Our framing system is made from more than 75% recycled aluminum. Anodizing products is a high-quality finishing process that has a significantly positive impact on their lifespan and minimizes maintenance. Recyclability is not compromised. Aluvision products not only look beautiful, they are also extremely low-maintenance & durable!
03 Green headquarters
Employer branding is high on the priority list at Aluvision. In addition to authentic leadership, the perfect workplace is also put at the very center. From the summer of 2024, Aluvision will move into a brand-new headquarters on the Evolis industrial estate in Kortrijk. Our goal? To combine the latest sustainable energy technologies with a timeless design creating an inspiring working environment for an innovative and fast-growing team. "Work hard, play hard" remains our motto. Besides comfortably furnished production and office spaces, there will also be plenty of leisure facilities: an in-house bar, cinema, gym and a roof garden with terrace for lunch breaks. Moreover, the new building will be powered by renewable energy, allowing employees to recharge their electric car or bicycle. "We care for the next generation."

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Strong partnerships lead to innovation and growth. Sharing expertise enhances the ability to meet customer requests and helps us adapt to an evolving market.



Time is of the essence. Easy assembly and short set-up times without loss of creativity, guarantee a job well done.

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High-end designs deserve a high-quality product. Aluvision products are known for their high level of finishing and precision.

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Engineered to last. Aluvision systems are modular, durable, reusable, flexible, and recyclable.

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As an innovative developer and global supplier of high-quality modular systems for indoor and outdoor environments, Aluvision combines bold imagination with unparalleled engineering and manufacturing expertise. Aluvision's framing system offers solutions for straight and curved walls, LED video walls, signage, lightboxes, displays, and retail environments. Durability, reusability, precision, flexibility and modularity are key features.

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