Aluvision for SketchUp: Designing Stands Has Never Been Easier

Designing booths has never been easier with the Aluvision for SketchUp plug-in. In association with SketchUp, the versatile, user-friendly 3D drawing program, Aluvision has developed a free plug-in you can use to draw unique, new 3D booths in no time. Let your imagination run wild with the Aluvision frame system, upload graphics and add furniture and lighting to complete your booth design in a flash.

A Library Full of Inspiration
Give your creative thought process a boost. The Aluvision for SketchUp plug-in provides plenty of inspiration. Explore, or build on, ready-made booths in the concept gallery. The library demonstrates the extensive possibilities offered by the Aluvision system and is regularly stocked with new concepts. Want to start from scratch? Create your own design starting in the parts library where all Aluvision frames, parts and extras are available with a single click. The search and filter function provide you with a helping hand.

From Design to Quotation
The Aluvision for SketchUp plug-in bundles lots of functions in just one extension! In the middle of the design stage you can use the automatic component detector to effortlessly scale the design on the Aluvision grid. What's more, the system searches for the right connector required for two separate parts on your behalf. And that's not all. Generate a personalised quotation and parts list at any point during the design process. Adapt it to reflect your corporate identity, include customer details, and upload it. Mission accomplished! Add to that the virtual reality options and we are convinced you will astound your customers with a creative design in no time.

Continuous Improvement
Aluvision, known for their commitment to constant improvement, recently added three new functions to the extension. The first one is the personal library. This function allows you to keep a personal library full of the components you use most often, even beyond those in the standard Aluvision library, including components such as furniture, truss systems, etc. Link them to a price and weight, and they will be included in the automatic quotation.The newly updated snapping tool ensures frames and parts are seamlessly combined. This latest update now also allows the user to combine a group of frames with a single click. Last but not least, found an old design with new potential?You can effortlessly revamp any design to include the latest Aluvision parts so it is up-to-date and ready to go when you are.

Check it out; it won’t take long for you to be hooked: Aluvision for SketchUp