Aluvision at SuisseEMEX 2016

An enthusiastic team, a good-looking booth and new, amazing products! Attendees who visited the Aluvision booth not only got a chance to taste a delicious Belgian beer, they also got to discover our newest innovations. Our new Omni-55 door for example, that was integrated in a larger fabric wall, received a lot of attention. This new door allows for both hard panel and fabric infills and it is available with a built-in closer as well as a digital lock. Our new mobile lighting pole, the Forester, also made the booth shine!

Come to our showroom to discover our newest light box solution: the Poly-55 Bright. This new extrusion allows you to build light boxes of only 55mm/2.17” deep that are perfectly compatible with all other Aluvision frames. The Poly-55 Bright can be used for both backlit walls and ceilings.

Curious to know what else Aluvision has to offer? Contact us today to set up a visit to our impressive showroom!