Aluvision wins the ”Belgian Maker Award 2017”

For one year, Aluvision can act as an international ambassador for Belgian manufacturing companies that focus on innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. Aluvision develops and manufactures modular, reusable aluminum construction systems for the booth building, event and interior design industries and is the market leader in its sector; a strong international growth company that also received the “Leeuw van de Export” in 2015.

The prestigious award was presented during a lively surprise visit by Karel van Eetvelt of Unizo and Danny Van Himste of DHL, the co-organizers of this competition During his speech, Karl van Eetvelt praised the entire Aluvision team for their continued pursuit of innovation, and sustainable high-quality solutions. The following elements particularly appealed to the jury of experts:

Very strong and continued growth with many opportunities ahead.
Distinct focus on innovation and product development, a spearhead for the expansion of the company
Explicit strategic choice to manufacture in Belgium
Strong vision on sustainability, not only in the materials that are used, but also in focusing on reusability and the new concept of “sharing”
Strongly committed team
Clear vision for the future, Aluvision identifies and strongly responds to arising opportunities.

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