Annual meeting Deinze Noord

On the 11th of June 2013, the members’ meeting of Deinze Noord took place at Aluvision NV. This business association, of which Aluvision is a member, celebrated her 1 year anniversary. Dirk Deleu, treasurer of Deinze Noord and president of Aluvision, welcomed the group and shortly explained the activities of Aluvision.

The event started with a stand-up performance “AttentionAttention”, by Marino De Raedemaker, in which the importance of customer friendliness is stressed by means of a humoristic approach but still with a clear message and a long-lasting effect.

After this, it was time for the main topic: Mr. Jacques Dossche, president of Deinze Noord, looked back on the realizations of the association en discussed the goals for the years to come. Next to this, Ms. Diana De Cat, the thriving force behind Deinze Nord, was thanked for her efforts. As secretary, she has the main interest of the association at heart.

Finally, there was a delicious wine degustation, sponsored by Wines Dercor, which was appreciated by everyone!