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ALUVISIONlive! Training Days Fall edition: photos & aftermovie
Relive the ALUVISIONlive! Training Days Fall edition with our photos & aftermovie! Thanks to all attendees for this memorable edition at the headquarters in Atlanta, GA!
Aluvision and Dimension Design form partnership
We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Dimension Design, an innovative branding partner that delivers custom environments to support the face-to-face marketing activities of respected exhibit houses, marketing agencies and business brands. Through this agreement, Dimension Design becomes a preferred graphics partner for Aluvision in North America to ...
Drone company shoots spectacular footage of Aluvision USA
Professional drone aerial company 'Above The Rest Photography LLC' shot some spectacular footage inside and outside of the Aluvision headquarters in Atlanta, GA. The final results will be posted soon!
Aluvision hosts EROV and TV Oost for a networking event
EROV, the Belgian Economical Council for Entrepeneurship in East-Flanders, organized a Networking Day for its members. The organization chose Aluvision as the ideal location to start off the event.
Aluvision @Viscom Düsseldorf: the pictures and video
Take a look at the pictures and the video of the Aluvision booth at Viscom Düsseldorf 2017 with the LED tile 55 P2!
Aluvision’s Poly Wall 55 wins exclusive DesignX50 label
We are proud to announce that Aluvision’s new Poly Wall 55 system has won the exclusive DesignX50 label! The award is granted every two years to the 50 most innovative and creative products in the region in Belgium.
Aluvision@SuisseEMEX: the pictures and video
Didn't get a chance to visit us at SuisseEMEX 2017? See all the pictures and the video of the Aluvision booth with the LED tile 55 P2 here!
​Swiss team Expoformer visits Aluvision for a product training
Swiss trade show and event company, Expoformer, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. In honour of their jubilee year, the entire Expoformer team decided to travel to the Aluvision showroom in Deinze on August 18th to enjoy an interactive product training.
Recognizing and honoring the best of business
Each year, in and around the Duluth area, the Duluth Award Program chooses the best local businesses. The program focuses on companies that have demonstrated their ability to use various marketing methods to grow their business. This recognition is a result of great dedication and team efforts. Aluvision is now ...
Aluvision for SketchUp: 1 plug-in, countless advantages
Aluvision for SketchUp: 1 plug-in, countless advantages. The two-day Sketchup training course at Aluvision in Deinze on the 6th and 7th of July was undeniably a great hit. View the pictures of our 2-day SketchUp Training Days on the 6th and 7th of July.
Aluvision in Madrid: the sky is the limit!
​The graduation ceremony of the EAE Business school (Spain) is always “a big thing”, no less than 5000 people attended this year’s version in the Madrid Arena on June 22nd. The team of 4for Everything built a huge 7,5m (295,28") high backwall using Aluvision Omni-55 frames.
Aluvision wins Belgian Maker Award 2017
For one year, Aluvision can act as an international ambassador for Belgian manufacturing companies that focus on innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. Aluvision develops and manufactures modular, reusable aluminum construction systems for the booth building, event and interior design industries and is the market leader in its sector; a strong international ...
Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships!
For the 4th time in history, the handball team Paris Saint-Germain won the French national championship! The stadium was lit in red and blue and was decorated with the Aluvision system by our customer Akacia.
A new striking Aluvision realization
A new striking Aluvision realization, designed and implemented by Kraftwerk in Doha, the bustling capital of Qatar. In a busy shopping mall, the newest MINI Cooper models are currently being introduced to the general public.
Company visit Belgian Maker Award
Today a delegation of Unizo and DHL visited the 5 finalists for the Belgian Maker Award, a prize for the best manufacturing company of Flanders and Brussels. Check out the impressions of their visit to the Aluvision workshop here!
Aluvision @EM Summit Chicago
Visit the Aluvision booth and discover the latest innovations and solutions for the exhibition and event industry.
Aluvision Extension for SketchUp
Designing your booth just got even easier! With the help of the intelligent snapping tool, you can quickly assemble parts. It’s also possible to generate a detailed parts list for your project and you can even access pricing for your design.

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