Product overview

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Product overview

Hi-LED 55
Seamless, modular LED video walls
Boost your tradeshow presence with spectacular LED video walls, seamlessly integrated into the Aluvision frame system. Discover the best of both worlds: quick, toolless installation and a powerful visual experience.
Frames panel/fabric (Omni)
Combine panel and fabric in one system
The best of both worlds. Continue building with standard, easy to handle frame sizes, and have one large SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) seamlessly run over several frames. If needed, a rigid panel can be placed behind the fabric (e.g. for doors) or the use of fabrics and panels can be alternated. The most efficient concept in terms of reusability and flexibility of wall and ceiling frames.
Glass solution (Basic)
Solid integration of glass walls and doors
The Basic-55 glass profile is the most elegant solution for the integration of glass or acrylic walls and doors into your design.
Fabric frames (Fab)
Seamless fabric walls for large graphics
This range of solutions is used for straight walls and in specific cases also for curved walls. The frames can be rectangular or have curved corners allowing for maximum design possibilities.
Light boxes
Backlit LED solutions
Illuminate your large format graphics and boost your commercial message. Using the LED perimeter lighting technology, the packaging volume has been reduced to a minimum.
Finishing options
Covers and corner profiles
Aluvision has developed a wide range of finishing options and accessories to give you everything you need to create a high quality finished product, even to the smallest detail.
Hanging signs
3D structures with tension fabric or panel
It is all about standing out from the crowd! Aluvision has a range of solutions with or without backlighting and using rigid or fabric infills.
Structural profiles
A range of highly aesthetical stuctural profiles is available to be used as stand alone solutions or in combination with other systems. All systems have been developed to be assembled using a minimum of tools & time and blend in perfectly with the other systems for fabric or panels. Let us advise you on how to use this very functional range of profiles and connections.
Lighting objects
​Elegant LED solutions
Putting something "in the spotlight" was never so easy as with our lighting elements. Discover our Puck Flex, the Forester and the LED Display Spot.
Modular desks and tables
Whether you are looking for a modular desk to integrate in your booth or you simply like the sleek look of our aluminum profiles and want to use them in your office environment, Aluvision's frames and profiles are the perfect solution for modular desks and tables.
Mobile eye-catcher
Discover the possibilities of using fabric walls, lightboxes or regular frames as stand alone displays. Aluvision not only has solutions for on the show floor, but also offers integration solutions in showroom and interior settings.
Floor systems
Technical and fast-building raised floor
Lift your booth to a higher level by using a raised floor. Aluvision's flooring system is fast and easy to install, completely modular and adjustable in height.

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Instruction videos

A quick how to: Telescopic frame
Telescopic frame_V2

A quick how to: Telescopic frame

A quick how to: Telescopic frame
Quick tightener.png

How to use the Quick tightener

How to use the Quick tightener
instructionvideo_aluvision curved hi-led 55 tiles.jpg

Curved Hi-LED 55 tiles

Curved Hi-LED 55 tiles
instructionvideo_aluvision combine hi-led 55 tiles.jpg

Combine Hi-LED 55 tiles

Combine Hi-LED 55 tiles
instructionvideo_why choose the omni-55 frame system.jpg

Why choose the Omni-55 frame system

Why choose the Omni-55 frame system
instructionvideo_how to level an omni-55 wall.jpg

How to level an Omni-55 wall

How to level an Omni-55 wall
instructionvideo_how to use mounting sets.jpg

How to use mounting sets

How to use mounting sets

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