Omni-55 pro

di_omni-55 pro_inch.png
Discover Omni-55 pro, our brand new profile with integrated Velcro® solution, completely new on the market and 100% compatible with the existing range! The Velcro® hook tape is permanently integrated into both sides of the Omni-55 pro extrusion.

The automatically integrated hook-and-loop fasteners, make this system even more efficient and easier in use. The precision with which the frames are made, ensures a seamless and perfectly finished stand.

This new technique has many advantages:
- Patented procedure
- Clean design
- Durable adhesion
- Waterproof
- Always ready for use with panel and/or fabric infill, single or double sided
- 100% compatible with the existing range!

3,11 lb/ft
Ref.n° 11 901 A

Instruction video