Poly-124 bright+

di_poly-124 bright+_inch.png
A 4.88" (124 mm) wide profile used for single sided lightbox solutions. The front side of the profile can hold the silicone edge of a lightbox fabric and is slanted in order to avoid any shadows along the edges of the lightbox. The back side of the profile can fit a block out fabric and/or a panel.

ꟷ One-sided even illumination
ꟷ Perimeter lighting up to 16.40' (5 m) height or width (in combination with SL+7000 module)
ꟷ Toolless assembly with new T20/8 Quickfix
ꟷ No slot on the visible side of the frame
ꟷ Easy to mount flush with 2.17" (55 mm) frames
ꟷ Standing or hanging
ꟷ No need for miter cuts thanks to the pre-assembled corners
ꟷ Powder coated finishing is possible

1.54 lb/ft
Ref. n° 11 721 A